Join us to explore Decision Making on the fifth day of our Digital City Festival Fringe events

Technology is not only changing our daily lives, human interactions and society, but it's also radically changing the business landscape. Consumers are changing: access to information, transparency, collection of personal data are affecting users behaviour and trust in businesses. Technology is also changing the way we work, collaborate and exchange information and which jobs will be relevant in the future. As such, organisations have to look wider and deeper in the ecosystem they operate in. In this increasingly complex landscape, businesses are struggling to prioritise and to manage the uncertainty that comes with every days’ decisions.

In this workshop, we will explore the landscape of responsibility and test the first prototype of a framework to help businesses reframing responsibility into their own context and finding priority impact areas.

Mariagiulia Benato is a business and service designer who developed this diagnostic tool as part of her journey at Hyper Island. She has eight years of experience developing strategy, products and services and business innovation in different industries, with focus on financial services. She lives in Amsterdam, working for a digital design agency, and cooperates with London-based tech-for-good startup accelerators. For more info:

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