Building Ethical Intelligence — LIVE

Join us as we unpack what's happened this month in AI Ethics and take a deep dive into the current research of EI Experts.

Building Ethical Intelligence is an educational series designed to keep you up-to-date on developments in AI Ethics, deepen your understanding of integral concepts, and build your ability to translate ethical intelligence into practical action. Each month, we will be hosting an interactive online event that covers the underlying themes within AI Ethics for the month, as well as an EI Expert interview exploring their current research.

We welcome academics and professionals alike, no prior knowledge in either ethics or AI is required. However, we recommend enrolling in Putting Ethics Into Action: A Beginner's Guide to AI and Big Data Ethics to provide background knowledge on the subject. — THEMES FOR 2020 3 JUNE - The ethics of COVID-19 Tech and Online Manipulation with Dr. Michael Klenk (listen to podcast episode here) 1 JULY - AI Due Diligence and #ArtAboutAI with Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos 5 AUGUST - TBA 2 SEPTEMBER - TBA 7 OCTOBER - TBA 4 NOVEMBER - TBA 2 DECEMBER - TBA

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