Building your business model

Want to learn the what a business model canvas is, how you can use it and build a plan for your business? Then this is the workshop for you.

This event is for businesses and residents located in England due to eligibility rules on support.

Join our fully funded Lean Strategyzer Workshop to learn how to develop your business model and value proposition.

This 90-minute workshop is based on the Lean Startup methodology and will help participants use the approach effectively to visualise and communicate their business ideas to partners, stakeholders and investors. We will also explore how to test ideas and assumptions through customer interactions, thereby refining the product-market fit. What you will learn during the workshop: • An overview of the value proposition • What a business model covers • Different types of business models • Building a business model After the workshop each individual will be given the chance to develop a value proposition for their own business and work on a 1-2-1 basis with one of the team. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent and pivot your business model. • Visualise and communicate a simple story of your business model • Use the canvas to explore new business models whether you are a start-up or an existing business The Value Proposition Canvas helps you tackle the core challenges of every business - creating compelling products and services customers want to buy. • Learn to precisely define your customer profiles • Visualise the value your product or service creates The Test & Learn Cards are a way to help validate your assumptions through testing with your customers and learning from those experiments. • Learn how to validate your business ideas with customer experiments/tests • Get the tools and methodologies to setup customer experiments and how to learn from them

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