Contributing to a Virtual Team– 3 hour live online course 2

Transitioning to remote working can be challenging.

To be an effective member of a virtual team requires more than knowing how to use online meeting tools. This 3-hour course focuses on how to contribute to a virtual team shaped by operating across distance, time zones and different cultures, building a team state of mind regardless of location and developing a better understanding of cultures.

Key Features: Live session taught by an Industry Expert Instructor Includes practical activities Course attendance is live, online from internet enabled locations. You Will Learn How To: Contribute to a team shaped by operating across distance, time zones and different cultures Building a team state of mind regardless of location Developing a better understanding of national cultures

Course Outline: Virtual Working Best Practices Contributing as a proactive member of the team, without becoming remote Being accountable not only for your output and ensuring you stay connected to your team Learning on how to work apart, by understanding how we work together Establishing your ground rules for the team Building and Maintaining Relationships Within a Successful Virtual team Focussing on relationship building to aid collaboration regardless of location Developing a one team rather than a remote team perspective How to build a working relationship with others Technology, Communication and the Virtual Workplace The impact of the wrong communication tool on team effectiveness Matching the message to the best tool Ensuring that tools are used to enhance collaboration and communications Working With Cultural diversity Exploring levels and categories of culture Responding positively to the range and depth of cultures Incorporating cultural differences to benefit the team

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