Digital, Data, Cloud - Technology Career Paths

A tech degree can open many doors. Learn about various paths and gain insight on the future of technology.

Transamerica's Summer Speaker Series is a new initiative geared to students whose internships have been cancelled as a result of COVID-19. Students interested in learning more about industry, career paths, skills development, and building a network are welcome to attend.

DIGITAL, DATA, CLOUD Increasingly interconnected and intelligent tech is disrupting and redefining the meaning of work and a career in technology. Join industry experts Jaime Bentley, Director of Software Engineering, and Dave Beaudoin, Senior Director of Data Engineering, as they share their path leading to their careers in technology and provide insight on real-world IT solutions. Jamie and Dave will dive into a typical day in corporate tech, the skills they look for, and how students can best prepare for a career in technology.

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