Financial Basics Part Two - New Scenario Planning, Adaptation & Resilience

Improve your financial management, future planning and business modelling to build the resilience of your organisation beyond COVID

Gurjinder Kang - Experienced Cross-Sector Financial Manager who has worked in the VCSE, Public and Private sectors will provide a follow up session to getting good financial systems in place and looking at methods of cash flow forecasting and new scenario planning to help build your resilience beyond the impact of COVID. The sessions will combine a webinar with some Q & A including the following themes:

  • Adapting budgets
  • Cashflow forecasting and new scenario planning into the future
  • Accounting, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and more
  • Plus a walk through of some test cases and examples which relate to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

This virtual, light-hearted and practitioner led workshop is suitable for those of you who are starting out, having to re-shape your thinking in light of the pandemic or wanting to brush up on best practice. This is the second of 2 sessions by Gurj this year helping people build their financial management skills and confidence in communicating their financial plans, to build resilience in social enterprises and community organisations.

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