Full Blue Moon Rhythm & Ritual (Live via Zoom)

Full Moons provide a catalyst for us to feel deeply.

Join Eirian for an immersive morning where we will harness the Full Moon’s powerful lunar energy to release what no longer serves you and awaken your intuitive energy!

Format of the practice

Lunar Rhythm Exploration - Live via Zoom

Lunar Arts - focussing on the third eye chakra you will tune into your intuition through somatic movement followed by a slow, soothing Lunar Mandala Flow where you’ll embody the watery nature of the Moon.

Yin Yoga - Based on the grounding element of Earth - Drop into stillness, surrender and release

Post practice Lunar Ritual

You will be given journal prompts to take away and reflect on your practice

Guided downloadable Yoga Nidra Meditation - A comforting relaxation ritual to help nourish your sleep rhythms which can be disturbed around a Full Moon.

Set up a place for reflection - perhaps creating an altar with candles, flowers and any ornaments / crystals / pieces of jewellery you would like to carry the energy you’re working with. Get outside under the moon if you can!

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