Future of Health Tech

Join us for our webinar in August where we will discuss the present and future of healthcare, and the rise of new products in this space!

It is these days especially when we can witness the importance and the impact of digital technologies, and digital transformation in healthcare. Digital technologies are constantly evolving and every day there are new companies keen to tackle some of the challenges in healthcare and use the power of tech to offer solutions.

For our August webinar, we brought together four founders to talk about innovative solutions and products disrupting the health tech industry, from wearables to sex tech and wellbeing support.

Some of the topics we will cover on this webinar: 1) how to launch a product in a highly regulated environment; 2) how to build a brand that can potentially have an impact on the lives of thousands of people; 3) what it’s like to start a business in an industry that is still very new, like femtech; 4) what's the importance of sustainability in building healthcare products; 5) how to design a high-impact medical wearable device; 6) why personalised support, tailored to each customer circumstances, is the way forward in healthcare industry and more.

Join us virtually and make sure to prepare your questions for our panelists! Those who have registered for the webinar will receive a link for a video call two days prior to the event.

AGENDA 6:30 - Webinar starts 6.30 - 6.35 - Women of Wearables - 5 minute presentation 6.35 - 8.00 - Panel discussion + Q&A 8.00 - Webinar finishes

ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS Mridula Pore, Peppy Mridula is CEO and co-founder of Peppy. Peppy provides health support through life’s big transitions, such as becoming a parent, going through the menopause or going through a fertility journey by connecting you with experienced practitioners to ensure that you have the information and personalised support you need, tailored to your circumstances. Peppy recently completed a pilot as part of the UK government’s Techforce19 initiative. Mridula is passionate about making healthcare more affordable and accessible. She is an engineer by training, studying first at Cambridge, before spending several years at MIT on a highly selective joint PhD/ MBA programme. She was previously a senior engagement manager at McKinsey and a business unit head at Sandoz (the generic pharmaceutical division of Novartis) where she delighted in disturbing the established markets of originator pharma companies. She lives in West London with her husband and two young children.

Colette Courtion, Joylux Colette is a distinguished and award-winning consumer marketer, inventor, and business leader who leverages over 18 years of cross-functional expertise steeped in brand building, marketing, strategic planning, and finance with leading consumer product, retail and medical device companies to open up and grow new ventures. She is the founder of three venture-backed consumer health and beauty startups in Seattle, Washington. One of those is Joylux, Inc which she founded and currently serves as the CEO where the mission is to provide solutions for women experiencing pelvic floor issues and to develop innovative health and wellness products that empower women to embrace their intimate health and reveal their inner beauty and confidence. She is author of multiple international patents and is extremely passionate about consumer market trends, technologies, and consumer needs in the health and beauty industries.

Catherine Liao, Blumio Catherine Liao is a technologist and an entrepreneur. Her passion is in using technology to solve unmet needs, and believes that intuition, hustle, and know-how are the trifecta to success. Catherine got her start at the age of 19, as a systems engineer for one of the first Internet conferencing services in the 90s. That eventually led her to the World Health Organization where she was responsible for scaling WHO’s web infrastructure during SARS, where at the peak of the epidemic, the demand grew by 20x overnight to over 14 million/hits a day. She is now the CEO of Blumio, a medical devices startup building a wearable sensor that can measure blood pressure. The successful commercialization of the technology will open a brand-new window into our understanding of cardiovascular health. Catherine holds an MBA from Imperial College London and is active in the startup community.

Laida Memba Ikuga, Cocoro Laida is co-founder of Cocoro Advanced Lingerie for periods, where she is responsible for building Cocoro's leading sustainability strategy and to bring in national and international sales alliances to meet our expansion agenda. Laida is an architect (Barcelona TECH) and Master of Science in Architecture (University of Illinois at Chicago) with over 17 years of practice in architecture and vast experience in teaching, project management, sustainable construction and Corporate Social Responsibility. Cocoro is a technical lingerie brand, committed to the wellbeing of women and the environment, which designs and produces in Barcelona. Company designs, produces and distributes a range of menstrual pants, both breathable and reusable, which absorb period flow, vaginal discharge and light urine losses. Their products are feminist, technical and eco-friendly solution to a need that arises for 4 to 7 days each month for around 40 years in more than half the global population.

Anja Streicher, Women of Wearables Anja is a Chief Marketing Officer at Women of Wearables. She started her career working for a Y Combinator women’s health startup Bellabeat, where she led communications, content and social media strategy. After moving to London, she continued supporting startups from different industries working at Techstars London, a mentorship-driven startup accelerator program and a worldwide network for entrepreneurs. She is passionate about women’s health and helping women in tech and business run and scale their businesses.

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