GM Responsible Tech Collective

Six responsible tech projects were decided on, and we'll be planning how to make them happen.

In late Summer, 2019, at The Federation we learnt that beyond the PR concerns and the desire for brands to be perceived positively, the region’s businesses understand that responsible tech matters to people. People they’re selling products to, and the people they’re employing. That shame and fear are a major barrier to tech organisations facing into the potential consequences of the products they design and develop. We heard that Greater Manchester businesses have ambition, that most importantly includes the wants, needs and voices of those people creating, using and being impacted by tech. In early Autumn this year, The Federation brought together a collective of the region's most progressive and ambitious organisations, including the Co-op, BBC, Manchester Digital and Manchester City Council, to discuss how as a city we use this motivation and ambition to establish Greater Manchester as an examplar city-region for ethical tech. Education, practical tools and the opportunity to pilot and innovate in partnership with citizens were all flagged, and now, we have a plan. At our next session, we'll be exploring six projects that we've voted on as a collective, and how we engage the ethical tech pioneers that the GM Responsible Tech Collective wants to mobilise to influence decision making, enable a culture of ethics and practice responsible tech. Sponsored and supported by The Co-op Foundation & Luminate, we’re looking for industry leaders, influencers and actors to come together work collaboratively on the six projects detailed below to ensure our region's social history keeps pace with our tech ambition. Responsible Tech Diagnostic Tool: How might we influence strategic decision making around responsible tech? Cultural Inclusion Manifesto: How might we ascertain what great cultural inclusion looks like in tech businesses? IOT Citizen Framework: How might we ensure Manchester citizens are determining their IOT data rights? Security Standards Citizen Assembly: How might we ensure GM communities are influencing the scope of security standards? Tech for Good Investment: How might we invest in poverty challenges to influence the regional agenda? Re imagining Technology: How might technology exist in harmony with people, communities, society and the environment? Join us on Friday 17th January at The Federation to help shape our collective approach. Tea & Coffee to be served.

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