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Growing Europe - Boosting Migrant Entrepreneurship Networks

Our tenants CodeYourFuture will be speaking as part of this event: Growing Europe - Boosting Migrant Entrepreneurship Networks.

Digitalisation: what role can new ICT tools and services play in supporting migrant entrepreneurs?

Digitalization is now a reality in all the fields of the economy and in all the phases of an enterprise lifecycle. ICT tools can highly benefit migrant entrepreneurs that decide to develop an enterprise in Europe. How can ICT tools support migrant entrepreneurs?

In collaboration with the NewTalents4EU project.


The role ICT tools can play in migrant entrepreneurship, presentation by DG CNECT (TCB) Building ICT tools for migrants by Theo Biddulph, NT4EU project and Simplon Presenting Mygrants by Chris Richmond Nzi Presenting Molengeek, by Ibrahim Ouassari Introduced and moderated by Eleonora Lamio, Diesis Network

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