Health and Wellbeing: 8 Principles to Help Us Through Lockdown and Beyond

An introduction to 8 core principles which have a positive impact on human health

We are living in unprecedented times. The social changes we have experienced over the last weeks have had an unparalleled impact on our daily lives and routines. We are also facing a direct threat to our health, and to that of those around us.

Covid-19 has already changed the world as we know it, but how these changes manifest in our own wellbeing and what transformations will emerge as the long-term impacts of our lockdown, are both yet to be determined. On an immediate level, it’s necessary to focus on how we can maintain and even improve our own health and wellbeing throughout this period – the WorldGBC Framework is useful in helping us recognise the link between an interior space’s design and our health and wellbeing, however an updated guidance tool is currently being developed as part of the Better Places for People (BPFP) campaign; 8 core principles for health and wellbeing in the built environment.

The 8 core principles ‘pilot’ will be presented and will cover principles that have a positive impact on human health, as well as those that create positive impacts around wider human health issues. As our relationship with the built environment has changed (albeit temporarily), we have an opportunity to reassess whether through this momentum and focus on our health & wellbeing, we can start to address the wider challenges we face; from building communities, to reducing air pollution and mitigating climate change.

Who should attend? This is course is intended for professionals seeking to understand the latest thinking on health and wellbeing, particularly in the context of our ‘socially distanced’ society, as well as those seeking to understand how we can create an inspiring response to society’s challenges through emphasis on H&W.

Why attend? This event will allow you to gain insight into the ‘8 core principles of health and wellbeing in the built environment’ guidance tool, feedback into its development and learn to understand how our interconnected our wider challenges are to our own H&W Free Gold Leaf Member places available, please email

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