Introduction: How to Use Data Science in Your Business

Interested in how AI, machine learning, and optimisation can benefit your company? Not sure where to start? This talk is for you!

Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are complex subjects. They often feel like the domain of high tech startups or large corporations.

These AI techniques are more accessible than you might think. In this session, Matt and Johan from Data Mettle discuss: The types of problems particularly well suited for data science How to set up and run a successful data science project Real-world examples, of data science in action - everything from a cucumber farmer in Japan to a major grocery retailer in the UK We keep these sessions quite small, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Or, even discuss your project and the challenges you would like to solve with data science.

Hosts Dr. Johan Kåhrström, Chief Data Scientist, Data Mettle Johan is a senior data scientist and expert in machine learning and data analytics. As a senior technical leader in the commercial sector, previously at Ocado, he has extensive experience in building machine learning software and mathematical modelling. He is an expert in overseeing technical projects and providing quality assurance

Matt Johnson, COO, Data Mettle Matt leads operations and marketing at Data Mettle. He has a background in product management and startups.

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