Introduction to Designing and Installing Ventilation Systems with Aereco

High quality two-part online training on ventilation for installers and designers.

This two-part online training course on ventilation will give you a deeper understanding of designing and installing ventilation systems to ensure your clients gain the benefits of good indoor air quality.

Part 1 can be taken stand alone, however Part1 is necessary to attend Part 2.

Date & Time 5 - 7pm Part 1 - Wednesday 21st October Part 2 - Thursday 12th November

Topics covered include:

Part 1 Why we need ventilation Part F recognised ventilation systems and others How to calculate ventilation rates to ensure performance Why moisture can be damaging to buildings and how to mitigate this Testing & commissioning advice Guidance and advice to ensure best practice installation is achieved

Part 2 Designing and selecting the ‘correct’ ventilation system Part F System 3 & 4 (MEV & MVHR) explained in more detail How Demand Control ventilation can be applied and the benefits of this approach Examples and guidance on monitoring installations

Who for: Consultants, architects, general contractors, small building firms, design and build contractors, electricians and retrofit coordinators interested in designing and installing ventilation systems, particularly in the context of energy efficiency refurbishment works.

Cost: Standard ticket: £60 for both sessions, or £35 per session Discounted ticket: £20 for both sessions or £12 per session*

*Applies if your business is based in/or operates in the Greater Manchester area.

About the Trainers Vince House, UK Sales and Operations Manager, Aereco limited Vince has been in the heating and ventilation industry for 20 years, this time has been split between manufacturers and contractors, giving a good balance of experience of the supply chain and delivery side. Vince has been working predominantly within the social housing sector for the last 11 years, he is passionate about energy efficiency, and delivering a quality end product.

Peter King, UK Sales and Operations Manager, Aereco limited Peter has over 20 years’ experience within the Ventilation industry in both the commercial and domestic sectors covering all aspects of its delivery from design to manufacture to installation and commissioning. For the past 8 years Peter has worked for Aereco Ltd and been one of the leading advocates for Demand Controlled Ventilation within the UK.

Aereco invented and are the market leaders in Demand Controlled Ventilation. For over 30 years they have been at the forefront in understanding and controlling IAQ in buildings. With systems in millions of homes all over the world, they bring an unrivalled practical experience of DCV.

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