Journey to BEEing me - with BEE You Coaching

Jackie Bailey has been supporting diverse women & communities for decades-End 2020 with insights & tools for empowerment & transformation!

Join us for a morning of reflection and inspiration, as well as gain insights, tips and tools to prepare for and ensure 2021 is a year of positive transformation!

Let's talk about the power of living and BEEing aligned to your values and purpose, having a clear vision, focusing on it and moving towards manifesting and living it. The MAGICK of consistently taking action to manifest your vision. BEE You! provides coaching, edupowerment (seminars and workshops) and retreats. This session includes tasters of BEE You!

Experiences alongside snippets of the journey of the Founder & Director, Jackie Bailey, Transformation & Empowerment Coach. BEE You! is all about you living aligned to your soul purpose, on and with purpose.

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