LGBTQ+ Festival of Happiness

LGBTQ+ Online Festival of Happiness Focusing on creativity, resilience and human connection.

Festival overview This is a free online festival for the LGBT communities of Greater Manchester and beyond.

It begins with a week of activity and ends with follow-on weekly sessions into 2021.

Activity Overview Welcome to our wellbeing activites for the LGBT community, exploring our thoughts, feelings and emotions to support us throught these unprecedented times.

Daily Laughter Yoga drop-in at 2-2.40pm Daily Guided Meditation drop-in at 2.45-3.25pm Creative Writing at 3.30-4pm (ideally attend as many sessions as possible) Little Shop of Happiness personal transformation sessions from 6-8pm daily(ideally attend ALL sessions, but at least 2) All sessions are free to join and will be delivered using Zoom.

Laughter Yoga: Based on the principle of laughing for no reason, we engage with our inner playfulness for an exercise class including warm-ups, Laughter Yoga games, and a laughter meditation.

Guided Meditation: After some warm up stretches and breathing exercises, we will listen to a guided meditation.

Creative Writing: Our aim is to create a short one-scene film using our mobile phones. We will start by looking at inspiration, structure, character and dialogue, and then create our own work

Little Shop of Happiness: The Little Shop of Happiness is a brand new six week online personal transformation and coaching programme, where we explore the true nature of the mind to discover how resilience, happiness and wellbeing are built into the human design. It’s no ORDINARY change programme and allows participants to see for themselves the very nature of their innate wellbeing. It’s a unique opportunity to understand how the mind works at a deeper level, and how your true potential for change is at the very core of your being.

Booking To book any session, select the date and time of the event. If you wish to book for the same workshop each day then click on each day separately. A link to Zoom will be sent out one day before the event, and a reminder on the day.

Organisation overview Our Happiness Factor CIC is a social enterprise run by Gary Loftus and Robin Graham. We grew from a desire to bring like-minded people together to share and learn in our communities. Our purpose is to ripple out happiness across the world by connecting with the joyfulness that exists within us. Gary is a transformative coach. Robin is a wellbeing specialist. We are based in Manchester, and work nationally and internationally. Between us we have over 50 years of experience with communities, sharing skills and bringing ideas to life.

Funder and partner overview This project has been made possible through a National Lottery Community Fund award.

Note on participation Please note: Laughter can be good exercise and it can release emotions. And other activities may also affect how we feel. So, you are responsible for whether or not you choose to join in activities, and for your own physical and emotional wellbeing and safety. For Laughter Yoga, please read this before proceeding:

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