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For July's Podcast Club we're talking Trailers, and how to make them, with Manchester based Podcast Producer Alex Bennett.

As always, we'll be starting at 6pm by saying hello to our new members and finding out about your podcasts before answering your podcast related questions in our Podcasting Q&A.

From 7pm Alex will take over the show as he explains why your podcast should have a trailer and how to make one that will stand out.

Afterwards, Alex will be on hand to answer all of your questions about trailers before we close the Club at 8 o'clock.

About Our Guest Speaker Alex Bennett

Alex is a Manchester based podcast producer specialising in post and remote production. He has worked on projects for the BBC, the Huffington post, top UK business podcasts, and audio dramas. His day job is producing and editing podcasts with Lower Street Media and Art of Podcast - helping businesses, entrepreneurs, academics, and artists make great podcasts.

Listen to his latest audio drama here --> https://www.jillkorn.com/audio-drama

Follow him on Twitter here --> https://twitter.com/Bennett_FM

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