NHS Hack Day

Hack Days are a fun way to brainstorm collaboratively and come up with quick solutions. Making actual “products” isn’t necessarily the aim; it’s about having a great time, learning something and meeting some brilliant people. The main advantage of Hack Days is having people with a wide range of skills all in the same room and working together, something which may not be acheived quite so explicitly during day jobs in software development.

What makes NHS Hack Days different is that we are committed to welcoming people who don’t necessarily have computer skills to our events. We want everyone with any interest whatsoever in healthcare technology: healthcare professionals, patients and their relatives, representatives from charities, and anyone else who wants to help out, or even just to see what we’re doing. Notably a career researcher in chemistry came along to one of our recent events by accident thinking it was a day of lectures, but he was persuaded to stay anyway and ended up being part of the winning team!

Tickets for the June event will be on sale soon. In the meantime, feel free to visit the NHS Hack Day website where there is a full itinary for the two-day event.

Sponsored by The Federation