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Online Data Science Ethics Book Club #12 - Addictive Tech

Our Ethics Book Club topic for October is 'Addictive Tech', and we expect lively online chat!

Ticket booking will close at 3pm on Weds 7 October, after which joining details will be sent out.

To ensure a safe and pleasant online meeting for all, please sign up in order to receive the correct Zoom link and password. Join us for a prompt 7pm start!

────────── FAQs Why are we doing this? There's a lot of good writing out there and one of the most important principles (even in our own ethical principles) is to discuss and debate the ethical questions.

We hope this will help people gain the tools they need to think about this in their jobs or in DataKind projects, or in encountering algorithmic tools in their everyday life. But if all you get out of it is some friendly discussion over a coffee or beer, that works too :-)

Do I need to be a data scientist to participate? Nope. We'll have a mix of technical and non-technical reading material. The aim is to think about data science in a context of ethical impacts and consequences - and that affects everybody!

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