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People, Progress & Responsible Tech: Where's the humanity in tech's future?

We're bringing together our region's progressive tech bods to explore how centralising people has the potential to impact tech's future.

Its 2020, and tech’s wild west days are drawing to an end. As the impact of the industry on people, communities, society and the environment becomes increasingly apparent, reminding ourselves that tech exists to serve humanity (and not the other way around) is imperative. Greater Manchester’s tech ecosystem have made clear their ambition. As a region with a progressive digital and social history, rapidly growing tech industry and strengths in security, health innovation and IOT, the private and public sector are keenly aware of the risks surrounding tech and responsibility. Brand perception and earning people’s trust are front of mind, and though our big players have intimated that putting people central when it comes to design, development and data management is key, the role that people's needs often comes secondary to influencing user journeys, and the people targeted by technology rarely have a say in what that could and should look like. Sponsored by Luminate and the Co-op Foundation The Federation’s Responsible Tech Collective is already working collaboratively with Hyper Island to understand how to diagnose and plan for more responsible tech practises in their organisations, but the second conversation in our series of education events is platforming those organisations who already engage in responsible tech and place the needs and impact on people central to their work. With talks from industry leaders in the tech for good space, panel discussions on the tensions and tools needed in influencing responsible tech practise and a showcase of emerging ethical tech solution in Greater Manchester, we’ll explore the realities and potential of responsible tech from our region’s industry leaders at our first #responsibletechreview.

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