PyDataMCR - Online Code Night


Working on a project? Want to meet other data professionals? Want to help others with their projects?

Join us on our online code night! A night to work on your own project, with supportive peers available for advice or teach somebody else something great!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: A laptop or desktop

Slack Access: PyData MCR Slack ( Slack Channel: #code_night

A project (optional!, feel free to join us for a chat or to provide others with advice) - feel free to register your problem, or help you're able to provide on the google doc in our slack channel

HOW IT WILL WORK: Event Starts (18:00) - Come and say Hi in the #code_night channel, let everyone know what you're working on

During Event - Put any questions or conversation topics you want to discuss to the PyData community, its likely someone will be interested and have an opinion!

If you can help others - start up threads, or even slack channels (Call them #cn_ to make it clear for anyone else joining).

Event Closes (20:00) - Come back next month to enjoy some more!

EVENT GUIDELINES: PyDataMCR is a strictly professional event, as such professional behaviour is expected.

PyDataMCR is a chapter of PyData, an educational program of NumFOCUS and thus abides by the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with its contents.

ACCESSIBILITY: Under 16s welcome with a responsible guardian.

SPONSORS: Thank you to NUMFocus for sponsoring Meetup and further support


Don't have python?

Download Anaconda ( or use Google Colab (

Don't have a project?

You can always help others in the Slack Channel


Look for coding challenges at

Look for data challenges at

A variety of kaggle problems that might be fun for you: - The classic - - Image Recognition - - NLP -

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