Small Business Support Webinar Series by Ethical Brand Directory

Ethical Brand Directory is proud to announce a series of webinars designed for small businesses who are struggling during COVID-19.

Our amazing line up includes thought leaders and experts within their field sharing insights and tips on what you can do to skill up, evolve your business, stay present and use the time we have during covid-19 and beyond to work 'on' your business rather than working 'in' your business. These sessions have been designed for all ethical brands, but a focus on some sessions will be just for fashion brands. However, all information will be useful for all kinds of businesses across all industries. Through kindness, collaboration and sharing our knowledge we can better equip ourselves for a more positive future.

WEBINAR LINE UP 29 July 2020 @7PM Nikki Webb, Digital Strategist and Founder of Ethicly "Technical Ways to Improve Search Rankings" 26 Aug 2020 @7PM Nikki Webb, Digital Strategist and Founder of Ethicly "Content Marketing to Support SEO "

About Ethical Brand Directory Ethical Brand Directory provides a platform to find a curated collection of ethical and sustainable fashion brands, ethical and sustainable lifestyle brands and ethical and sustainable beauty brands, all carefully selected by our founder Roberta Lee with the style-conscious consumer in mind. We work collaboratively with our family of brands to offer support to their businesses, providing opportunities to help them grow.

Our Mission: To connect the conscious consumer to brands that care and provide the ethical brand community with the opportunity to thrive, so together, we can all do more good.

We believe that it is possible to live life fully, conduct business ethically and sustainably and minimise our impact on the planet without giving up on life’s luxuries. Find out more

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