Spark Webinar: Managing Difficult Conversations

Bruntwood Works and Unify invite you to this free webinar giving your practical tips on how to create a safe working environment.

Former barrister turned coach/facilitator, Catherine Brown of Skilful Conversation has worked with many accomplished people being held back by their communication skills. (And she has seen some of those people fall apart in the witness box too).

Many of her clients fear confrontation when they need to speak up for themselves or a team-member. Those conversations then keep being put off, whilst adding to that nagging feeling that it’s all too difficult.

And that’s before we even get to the more commonly cited fears of public speaking or giving presentations. In many sectors if you are not putting yourself forward for those opportunities, your career is likely to suffer. Maybe some of this sounds familiar? If so, you are not alone and you can find strategies that will work for you.

At this event, Catherine Brown, will share some of the techniques she has honed in 15 years as a barrister and 6 years as a coach. Using her experience of addressing judges, negotiating on behalf of clients and scrutinising written evidence in a forensic setting, she has analysed what works and how to apply those techniques to those difficult conversations that we sometimes shy away from as well as how they can be applied to presentations and public speaking.

From providing feedback to making tricky requests, and learning to love public speaking - if you need practical tips you can apply straight away, you will find them in this webinar.

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