Spark Workshop: Effective Leadership through change and uncertainty

Bruntwood Works and Unify invite you to this free webinar giving your practical tips on how to create a safe working environment.

The only real certainty we have is uncertainty. Market technology and business processes change in what seem to be faster and faster cycles. We are experiencing a global pandemic that has shifted the way we think, work and communicate. More than ever there is increasing demand for leaders and their teams to be able to not only cope with change and uncertainty, but to thrive through it. Agility, adaptability, creativity and collaboration are critical for continued individual and organisational success.

Yet much of the time we refer to our habitual ways of approaching change. The ways we approached it when we felt more secure and sure of the future. As leaders there is a great need to rethink the rule book when it comes to guiding ourselves and our employees to navigate change and uncertainty effectively.

In this 1.5 hour workshop we will look at what happens in the brain when we face uncertainty and how this valuable knowledge of human behaviour will help you to lead through change and uncertainty with a new perspective, removing assumptions and seeing individual responses to change in a new light.

We will create the space, time, structure and support for you to gain clarity on how you can use this knowledge to create and embed the change you need to see for yourself, your team, your business This brain based approach to leadership will help you to take your leadership effectiveness to a new level.

The workshop This introductory workshop will be delivered in two parts: the science behind the human response to change and; a focus on what is critical for you to focus on right now.

The science behind human responses to change What happens in the brain when we experience change and uncertainty How can we use this to better understand ourselves How this can help us to anticipate the needs of those we lead and respond to their needs with greater impact The change you need to see What is critical for you to focus on right now What do you need to do to make this change happen How will you know that the change has been successful You will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of why we react the way we do to change, how you can use this to enhance your leadership agility, and with a clear, actionable plan as to what you need to do next.

Based on your feedback to this introductory session a further three module programme is available which will continue to build on deepening your knowledge of human behaviour and how you can apply this to your leadership.

Where This workshop will be delivered via Zoom whilst the current restrictions are in place.

Who Polly McAllester is a Leadership Coach with over 20 years experience working alongside, and within, leadership teams at small, medium and global organisations. She has coached CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers and works with individuals, teams and organisations to support the development of effective leadership and team performance. As an accredited coach and a student with the Neuroleadership Institute Polly is well placed to support and guide leaders and their teams through times of change and uncertainty. You can find out more about Polly at and on LinkedIn:

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