Support UK Business

Every business in the UK are experiencing turbulence like no other and many won't make it onto the other side. Whilst it won't be possible to save them all, we can all do our part to keep UK businesses open and running.

You might be thinking that there's nothing you can do, but you would be wrong. It really is the little things that matter to business owners and helping people keep their jobs and their livelihood. By joining the group, you will be able to share thoughts, ideas and solutions to other businesses as well as your own. The group has been designed to help each other as we hit new challenges every week.

Every Friday, 10am-11am, (during lockdown) join the FREE online peer to peer support group.

The group is run and facilitated by Peter Dickinson. He only has one purpose and that to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the group which is primarily led by yourselves.

Peter Dickinson motivation for the group comes from his previous experience having lost a multi-million turnover waster management company to foot and mouth. The resemblance to what's happening is uncanny and as a diabetic, the group is his way of supporting the UK economy.

Peter Dickinson, is now a successful business coach of nearly 20 years, will facilitate the session however this session is about the group and its hoped that you will gain support and insights into your individual challenges from the group discussion.

For the last 6 years, Peter has been a volunteer business mentor with Community and Business Partners in Blackburn and Orvia in Leyland and recently became a mentor with Tech Manchester which helps tech startups.

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