Tech Ethics Meet Up- coordinated by Hattusia

Are you a technology ethicist? Or would you like to fill that role in your organisation? Join our Meet Up and socialise with your peers

Being someone who cares about ethics in your organisation is a lonely task. You're constantly fight to show that ethics matters, win budget for your work, educate yourself, become a change management professional and an activist and ALL whilst doing other jobs.

Although it feels lonely, there are actually quite a few of us worldwide. It's about time we coordinated. Join this meet up to chat to other people who are trying to do the same job as you, exchange advice on how to manage tricky problems and situations, and have fun :)

This meet up is open to everyone - whether you are an aspiring ethicist or an established one, and to those who work in all industries.

This is currently an experiment. I have found some software which seems to recreate the experience of being in a physical meet up, but online. It is open to everyone worldwide. I expect we'll start with a small provocation (max 15 minutes) and then you'll be able to mingle with others. You can easily set up private conversations, one on ones and small group conversations with people who you've just e-met.

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