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Tech for Good Live - Save the date February 2020

We believe that technology can have a positive impact upon the world. Tech can empower workers, transform healthcare, support disenfranchised people, and so much more. Too often though, it’s used to divide people. The unintended consequences of technology can cause real harm. We aim to champion the use of technology for good.

We run a large event every month in Manchester (UK) around a different topic - but always focused on the ethical use of technology. You get three exceptional speakers, food (with vegan options), drinks, a chance to have your say via lightning talks. AND IT’S FREE!

Previous topics have included healthtech, AI, VR, civic tech, fintech, gaming for good, tech and democracy, and more.

You can RSVP to our events on Meetup, and join our online community. If you’ve got a suggestion on topics you’d like to see covered, or speakers you’d like to hear - get in touch.

Look out for more info about Tech for Good's February event and sign up for the event on their official Meetup page.