TECH-TALK MONDAY: Learn The Tricks To Kick Start Your Digital Career

Fast Track Your Digital Careers By Learning What It Takes To Secure a PM, BA or Tester Roles Within 3 - 6 Months.

Join Advance Careers UK Free webinar to get an insight into how to start a career in digital technology (Digi-Tech) industry.

This training is for anyone who is working in tech or want to switch career into roles like PROJECT MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS ANALYSIS, SOFTWARE TESTING, DIGITAL MARKETING & GRAPHIC DESIGNS.

More than 70% of our past students SECURED multiple roles in 2019 and we plan to double that number in 2020.

OUTCOME: How to crush interviews like a STAR to secure your first digital role using STAR Technique. How to create industry standard Resume/CV. Learn from past students who are now industry expert after completing our training. What are the 3 things you must do well to secure job within 3 - 6 months Learn some key concepts in technology like APIs and how the web works And much more.

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