TechBreak #3 - Tech for Good during COVID-19

Join us to discuss how the Tech Industry is supporting the community during the biggest pandemic in modern history

TechBreak Welcome to TechBreak, Algolia's once-monthly online series dedicated to everyone in the tech ecosystem, from developers to tech enthusiasts, looking to share their experiences and leverage each other's knowledge on different topics. Meet different speakers with different positions and points of view and answer your questions in real time.

Next edition will be on Thursday, July 2nd at 5pm CEST/11am EDT. We hope to see you there!

Tech for Good during COVID-19 For this session we would like to share how the tech industry is collaborating with the community during the current global crisis.

We have all been involved and affected by the current situation in some way, therefore we are very much aware of how much we need to work together in order to overcome it. Many companies around the world have been partnering and creating initiatives to help and support, from platforms that offer help with grocery shopping to an easier way to monitor the virus.

To thank these initiatives we are gathering some organisations to share their projects with us and how they have been able to help, highlighting the importance of humanity in business. Take a glimpse inside their stories and the people who came up with the ideas to support, during this event with short speeches from our 3 guest speakers (to be announced soon). We hope to see you there! Cheers, Algolia -- Attendees will receive the link to the webinar prior to the event. 
 This event will be in English, recorded and published on YouTube afterwards. 
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