The New and Emerging Technologies : 5G Technology

A talk session on 5G Technology: Its history, The current applications of this technology and it's future aspects.

With the current advancements in data storage and electronics, the world is witnessing technological advancements faster than ever. With the 2017-2020 Digital Transformation Strategy, most advanced technologies like 5G and IoT are currently implemented in every daily activity you perform, from AI-powered Facial Recognition software in your phone to the fastest networks. Hence, in this world of technological advancement, it is mandatory to be digitally literate to keep up with this evolution.

So, with this aim of making everyone digitally literate, I am Paulette Watson from Academy Achievers. Today we are going to talk about "Lightening Speed of networking" i.e., 5G Technology which is making anything from advanced healthcare to smart devices a reality. In this talk, I will be discussing the history of this technology, it's current applications, and it's future aspects.

We will kick off at 7:00 pm London Time on 19th August 2020. The event will stream from zoom and a link will be provided once you have purchased your ticket.

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