This is the North

Together we can inspire and lead change in the North. Our mission is to create a place where you can work together on one day, whether you are a community group, young person, practitioner, policy maker, opinion former, business or politician. YOU ARE the North!

By sharing platforms with each other, having a collaborative, diverse, inclusive sessions we will better understand the issues that affect us all and find new solutions that work for more people.

Your offer to take part Your contribution can be:

Something you are doing, which is already working brilliantly, and more people need to know about it A new and untested idea or ‘hunch’, a theory or provocation Good practice you can share for others to learn from Something you’ve done that others can replicate or with help, which could be scaled to have more impact in Northern communities An idea you are trialling PLEASE NOTE: If you are submitting an idea, you will need to have access to a Zoom account and a stable WiFi signal to enable live streaming

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