Thriving Apart

Thriving Apart - a Q&A with Katie and María - hosted by Gabriela Maldanado-Montano

From the 10th of March to the 1st of July 2020 Katie and Maria were apart.

What was to be a 14 day business trip to Spain for María turned to be a 112 day hiatus in their life together. With Katie in the UK and Maria in Spain, communicating on WhatsApp, having a Zoom date nights, Facetime chats and iMessage arguments, they saw some new things about what helps us to thrive in relationships, when we are apart, and together.

In this Q&A conversation, Katie and María will share what they came to see, and the impact this time has had on their relationship and their individual and shared thriving.

Join us to listen in or ask a question Thursday 6th August 18.00 UK time

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