Our community

people sat on sofas with laptops

Every organisation that calls The Federation home is trying to solve social problems through their work.

Our values

Co-op was founded on principles of equality, fairness, self-help and democracy.

The Federation community seeks to take these ideas forward in the 21st century.

We do this by promoting ethical values, responsible technology and collaboration.

Our core values are:

  • social responsibility
  • openness
  • honesty
  • caring

We encourage people to work together and there are lots of events and socials to get involved in too.

Strengthening communities

Digital has affected communities of all kinds in different ways. The Federation is home to several organisations working on these challenges.

Providing education and skills

The Federation hosts a number of organisations working to teach and inspire.

Developing health technology

Technology has enormous potential to revolutionise health. The Federation works with lots of organisations addressing health in the 21st century.