What MIC does

MIC Media is a British Podcast Award nominated podcast production company. They also provide podcast training through webinars and workshops

MIC is uniquely set-up as a social enterprise. The reason they say that they 'get out of bed every morning', is to provide opportunities for everyone to find their voice through top-notch audio; especially amplifying those that often go unheard. MIC believes that everyone should have the chance to contribute to, consume or create podcasts, particularly if those people don’t have the skills or confidence just yet; lack industry connections; can’t afford the best equipment or would benefit massively from getting their stories out to a global audience.

MIC specialises in working with social impact organisations. Their clients include charities (Children’s University…), social enterprises (P.I.E, Yellow Jigsaw, Flourish...)NGO’s (Plan International…), and funding bodies (Unltd…), to large value-led corporates (Co-op…) and local authorities (Manchester City Council, Stockport Council…).

MIC contributes to a richer, more diverse landscape of brilliant audio, where you’ll hear lots of different perspectives, thoughts and experiences. Through their work they're also creating a level-playing field for amateurs to compete with professional audio creators in the industry.

MIC was founded in 2019 by Vic Elizabeth Turnbull who has over fourteen years experience in the creative industries and third sector. But don't remind her of that as it makes her feel like a grandma.

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