The Federation team is committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for all residents. We’ve made some temporary changes to minimise the risk of infection.

Throughout the pandemic, we have remained open so any of our residents who may be unable to work from home can do so as safely as possible from the Federation.

The government guidance remains to continue working from home where possible. As lockdown eases, if you make the decision to come back in, you will notice a few things are different.

Social distancing

For the health and safety of Federation members, tenants, colleagues and visitors we ask that you follow all social distancing measures in place at Federation House.

We have taken specific measures to ensure social distancing can be achieved wherever possible. These include distancing between desks and limits on the usage of meeting rooms, event spaces and shared facilities. We will also have specific measures in place at reception, in stairwells, corridors and lifts.

Entrance and reception

The entrance on Federation Street/Balloon Street will be open.

The entrance from Dantzic Street, through the coffee shop, is temporarily closed.

A hand sanitiser station will be positioned at the entrance door. Please sanitise your hands before entering the building.

The reception team will manage getting people in and out of the building, ensuring that distancing of 2 metres is in place. A screen will protect our reception team from potential virus transmission. Signage will mark the correct distancing on the floor and you’ll need to show your pass at reception before making your way to the floors.


Visitors must always follow social distancing. Visitors will be expected to follow all rules displayed on posters in communal areas, including meeting rooms.

Residents will be notified when visitors arrive so that you can great them at the door to your floor, but they will not be issued with a paper pass.

Stairs and lift

Use the stairs when possible for movement between floors and maintain distancing of 2 metres wherever possible.

To allow people to move up and down the stairs please keep to the left.

We encourage you not to use the lift given its relatively small size. Only one person should travel at a time if use of the lift is the only option.

Hand sanitising units will be in place at each staircase landing level for use before entering the floors.

Co-working floor

Unless you are based on the co-working floor, please do not use the first floor co-working space at this time.

This is a temporary restriction which mainly affects residents who have private suites. It will help us to keep to a safe capacity on the co-working floor while social distancing measures are in place. If this causes any major issues for you, get in touch with the Federation team and we will see what additional space we can provide.

All co-working desks are spaced with the correct distancing and labels indicate which desks should be avoided. Please do not hot desk.

We will work to ensure that everyone who has a permanent or flexi desk booked at Federation has an allocated space to minimise the risk of infection.

Due to distancing you may not be able to sit at the desk or on a floor that you usually would, but we’ll let you know in advance where you should go. To help us with this, please keep Lisa ( up to date on when you are planning to return, and if possible your expected working pattern.

Before you begin to set up your working area, wash your hands and clean down your allotted desk using the sanitiser provided in the area.

Keep workspaces as clear as possible and try to avoid the use of high-touch items and equipment, for example printers or whiteboards.

Make sure you leave the area as clear as possible and clean the area after you’ve packed away your equipment at the end of your visit.

Enhanced cleaning

Cleaning operatives will be wearing PPE to protect themselves and others whilst working. The co-working, events and meeting spaces are treated every 30 days with a preventative antibacterial decontamination fogging treatment that kills viruses on contact. This treatment lasts for minimum 30 days and up to 100 days depending on the surface. We are carrying out enhanced cleaning on the following key touch points using products suitable for elimination of virus transfer from surface to surface:

• door handles/push panels to all doors

• lift control panels internal/external

• swipe card points

• handrails

• bin lids

• chair arm rests

• printer key pads

• kitchen microwave touch panels

• kitchen cupboard and fridge doors

Personal protection

Sanitiser stations are located throughout the building with hand sanitiser, wipes and face coverings available. Face coverings are not required but if you’d like to wear them, they’re available to you.

If you choose to wear one, it is important to use face coverings properly and wash your hands before putting them on and taking them off.

The advice for those who choose to use face coverings includes:

  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before putting a face covering on, and after removing it

  • when wearing a face covering, avoid touching your face or face covering, as you could contaminate them with germs from your hands

  • continue to wash your hands regularly

  • dispose of used face coverings in closed bins

Meeting rooms

Each of our meeting rooms has been reviewed for social distancing and signs have been added to show maximum capacity. Sanitiser, wipes and masks are provided within these spaces. Additional seating has been removed from the room – please do not take additional seating into the room and keep to the temporary capacity limits:

• Frontier – 2 people

• Progress – 2 people

• Dantzic – 1 person

• Angel – 1 person

• Quiet room – 1 person

The number of meeting attendees must not to exceed the maximum number permitted in the room.

No changes should be made to the seating layout, which has been positioned to comply with social distancing guidelines. Do not take additional seating into the room.

Sanitiser, wipes and face coverings are provided within these spaces. Use the sanitiser to clean your hands and wipe down the work area both before you begin your meeting and after you have packed up and plan to leave.

Only use personal equipment once in the room. There should be no sharing of any dry wipe pens or other items that in the past may have been shared.

Only one person should be in control of audio visual equipment, handsets, or remotes.

Event spaces

Sanitiser, wipes and masks are located outside One and all and Solidarity, and inside Defiant. These spaces may at times be repurposed as temporary co-working areas. In that case the capacity will be:

• Defiant – 20 people

• Solidarity – 10 people

• One and all – 9 people

These rooms will not be used as event spaces until after government restrictions on the number of people gathering indoors have been relaxed. For social distancing (of 2 metres), maximum capacities in these spaces are likely to be:

• Defiant – theatre style 35 / cabaret style 15

• Solidarity – theatre style 12 / cabaret style 7

• One and all – theatre style 8 / caberet style 5

Podcast studio

The podcast studio can only have one person whilst current guidelines are in place. No bookings will be taken until social distancing has been relaxed or adaptations can be made to reduce the risk of infection. We will keep you informed of any changes. In the meantime, sanitiser, wipes and masks are available inside the studio.

Kitchens - Co-working floor

Signage regarding 2 metre distancing is in place in our kitchens. Members are expected to follow this guidance and to avoid forming queues in these areas. Enhanced cleaning measures are in place, but you may feel more comfortable bringing your own water bottles, cups and utensils. The dishwasher and cleaning materials will continue to be provided. Please wash used items or place them directly into the dishwasher – avoid leaving used items in the sink.

Coffee shop

The coffee shop will remain closed for the time being. This will be kept under review and we’ll be in touch to let you know if things change. In the meantime, tea and coffee making facilities will be available as usual. The tables and seating remain accessible. One person can be at each table at any one time. Stickers will be added to the area to advise on correct social distancing. Sanitiser, wipes and masks will be available in the coffee shop.

Bikes and showers

There are 34 bike spaces available on the Federation lower ground floor. We are working with our landlord on providing additional temporary capacity to more than double the current amount if there is demand. In the meantime, please try not to leave bikes stored in these areas overnight unless you are returning the next day. This will help us to ensure that we have enough spaces for people cycling to the building each day.

Showers are available for residents. Please wipe down the area before and after use and keep shower and changing facilities clear of personal items.

Ventilation and windows

It’s important to maintain a flow of fresh air through the building, so some windows will remain open during office hours. We ask that you do not close the windows even if you are chilly, so perhaps bring an extra layer of clothing.

Breakout areas

Several break out areas may be taped off to ensure safe distancing, for example seating areas on the lower ground floor.


Limit contact with delivery people as much as possible and always maintain social distancing. If possible, leave packages for a time before handling to avoid surface transmission and always wash your hands after handling mail or packages.

The team at Federation House

Our core team is available at Federation House as normal – this includes our facilities management, reception, cleaning and security colleagues. Our events and co-working team are available remotely via Slack, email and phone.

As lockdown eases a maximum of one or two members of the events and co-working team will be on site per day. We will regularly review and update this information, for example if government guidance or visitor numbers change.

We have published our full Covid-19 risk assessment PDF for you to download if you would like more detail on the steps we have taken to minimise the risk of infection.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.