Member benefits are changing - from 20 March Members will save at least 5% upfront when they buy funerals and funeral plans.

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Earn rewards for you and your community.

5% for you

When you buy selected products and services from Co-op Group businesses, including our food stores and funeral homes, we’ll put 5% of what you spend into your Co-op Membership account.

You can’t earn or spend Co-op rewards at independent co-operatives, including Central England, Chelmsford Star, Southern and Midcounties.

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Help your local community

Every time you buy selected Co-op products from our food stores and other businesses, we give 1% of what you spend to local causes near you.

We're looking for projects to fund in your area. Local organisations can apply now.

You don't earn money for your community when you buy our products from independent co-operatives, such as Central England, Chelmsford Star, Southern and Midcounties.

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MK Snap help people with learning difficulties and disabilities engage with nature

Get involved

Have your say in how we work. Help pick the products we sell, choose the charities we support and vote in elections and motions at our AGM.

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Share of profits

You’ll still earn a share of our profits and share in our success if you join us, just like you always have. When there’s a profit left over after we’ve re-invested in our business, you may be eligible for a dividend.

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