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When you buy selected products from our businesses we'll put 5% of their value in your Co-op reward account to spend with us whenever you want.

That could be up to £1 back for every £20 you spend on Co-op branded food.

Not only that but you'll be helping local causes where you live.

Earn rewards

You earn 5% back when you buy:

You don't earn rewards on a few items we sell in our stores, such as gift cards, stamps and lottery tickets. See a full list of items that you don't earn rewards on in our terms.

Your 5% and 1% are worked out after any other discounts are applied, for example if you're a colleague or NUS card holder.

You don't earn rewards when you shop with some of our businesses, but you still get special offers, including:

Sign into your membership account to check how much you have in rewards and see the latest offers for Co-op members.


You can spend the money you've earned in rewards by showing your card or giving your membership number when you buy:

  • anything from our food stores, from a loaf of bread to your weekly shop
  • Co-op legal advice, products and services
  • funerals and funeral items from Co-op Funeralcare

If your bill is less than what you have in rewards, the balance stays in your member account until the next time you want to spend.

You can't spend your rewards if you only have a temporary card (bought for £1 in a store). Register your card to spend.

Join us online if you're not already a member.