Members, Join In!

Members, Join In!

Members told us they wanted more action on plastics and worked with us to develop our new soft plastics recycling units. Thanks to their input, everyone can now recycle soft plastics, like crisp packets and bread bags, at a Co-op in their community. Members also asked us for shareable resources to support them in getting the word out - so here they are.

Supporting brilliant local projects

Find out more about how we can make a difference together, for example through Community Fridges. These are spaces that give communities a place to meet, share food, learn new things and reduce waste. Thanks to our partnership with Hubbub, we’re adding 350 new fridges across the UK, but we need your help in making the most of them.

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5 steps towards our sustainability ambitions

We’re on a long journey, but have already achieved some great things this year to minimise our impact on the environment. Find out about five of them from Jess Collins, our Ethics, Sustainability & Policy Officer.

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Tools to spread the word

You can help ensure the success of this recycling scheme in your community by working with us to get the word out. To ensure the success of this recycling scheme across communities, we're aiding members to spread the word. These simple resources will help encourage their friends, neighbours and colleagues to Clean it, Scrunch it, Co-op it.

Member Pioneers supporting your community

Our Member Pioneers bring together members, employees and local causes to make communities better places to work, play, live and learn. Right now, they’re looking to connect members and groups who have a passion for sustainability. Get in touch with your Pioneer to join the conversations happening in your community.

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Sustainability matters in your community

Our Member Pioneers will be hosting sustainability events in Co-op stores across the UK throughout summer. Head to our online community centre, Co-operate, and type in your postcode to see if there’s one taking place close to you.

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